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Domain Name is by definition a unique string of alphanumeric characters that identifies a specific website on the Internet. While technically a domain name serves as easy to remember textual representation of the IP address of the host, in reality, domain name is a valuable marketing as well as investment instrument.

Domain Name as a Marketing Instrument

In today's Marketing Era, premium domain names compose a powerful marketing tool which is being increasingly leveraged to fuel business growth.

A business built on a prestigious web address gains credibility and loyalty of its visitors, resulting in higher customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates. Search engines are also proven to assign higher ranking to websites located on keyword-rich domains. Memorable domain names maximize marketing ROI and brand visibility in the crowded business environment, leading to increased market share and revenue. Securing a high-quality domain gives you a strategic advantage over competition that can take your business to the next level!

Domain Name as an Investment

As more corporate executives, marketers and investors recognize the value of premium domain names, the demand for top domains continues to outgrow the supply and their prices continue to skyrocket.

High-quality name is not only an income producing asset which pays for itself via increased sales, it is also a lucrative investment instrument that can be resold in the future for a substantial profit. Considered prime Internet real estate, premium web domains are currently among the fastest appreciating commodities in the world. This New Century asset class can be financed through multiple financial institutions or used as collateral to borrow funds against.

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